They're "Just Kids": Maryland's Youth in Adult Prisons


Maryland's 20-year experiment with the "tough on crime" approach of automatically sending youth into adult criminal courts, jails and prisons for certain offenses has failed. National studies show that youth who are sent to adult facilities go on to commit more - and more violent - crimes than those who received rehabilitative services in the juvenile system. This costs taxpayers much more in the long run. Automatically charging youth as adults has been politically popular. But the data show that when their cases are individually considered, most cases in Baltimore are either dismissed or sent to the juvenile system, raising the question of whether they should have been put in the adult system in the first place.

Join The Just Kids Partnership-formed by the Public Justice Center, Community Law In Action, and United Parents of Incarcerated Children and Youth-to discuss the recommendations of their new report "Just Kids: Baltimore's Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System."

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December 8, 2010, at 8:15 am

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