Access to Counsel = Access to Justice



Justice for Breakfast discussion series

December 14, 2011 ~ 8:15 am

Recent developments involving a right to counsel in civil cases
Thanks to TV, most people know that if a criminal defendant cannot afford an attorney, one is provided to them at government expense. But many people, and even some in the legal community, do not realize that this same right does not exist in civil cases. This means that when your housing, medical benefits, physical safety, or right to be a parent are at risk, you do not have the same right to a free lawyer as a defendant in a criminal case who faces just one day in jail.  
Fortunately, advocates across the country have been working to change the law through litigation, through legislation, and through advocacy with the courts. Come hear about the latest developments on these fronts related to family law, immigration, housing, and other areas, as well as why it is so critical to provide attorneys in these types of cases.
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