Refusing to build on a cracked foundation


Strategies to successfully implement health care reform in Maryland

8:15 am 

The major national health care reforms passed in 2010 will be fully implemented by 2014, including expansion of Medicaid and creation of the health benefits exchange.  However, the current systems and procedures underlying the Medicaid program in Maryland are severely flawed and have been the focus of PJC’s health and benefits advocacy.  To ensure the success of health care reform in our state, we must first fix the foundation on which reform will be built.  Otherwise, many thousands will still face illegal denials and delays in accessing the great promise of health care reform.  Join the PJC as we discuss past successes and future strategies to eliminate systemic barriers to access in the current Medicaid program in preparation for health care reform in 2014.
Hosted by Brown, Goldstein and Levy, LLP
120 East Baltimore Street, Suite 1700
Baltimore, MD 21202
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