7,000 Families: Race and gender oppression in Baltimore's Rent Court


6:30 - 8:30 pmHousing rally

American Brewery
1701 N Gay Street
Baltimore, MD 21213


Hosted by Baltimore Racial Justice Action
A 13th-of-the-Month Event

Each year, on average, Baltimore City judicially evicts 7,000 families due to non-payment of rent. The Public Justice Center and the Right to Housing Alliance conducted a study to understand how renters fare when they defend themselves in the city’s “Rent Court.” We will present data from the study to show how the judicial process itself prioritizes landlords’ bottom line at the expense of renters’ (94% of whom are Black and 80% of whom are women) stability and security. Join the Right to Housing Alliance, the Public Justice Center, and Jews United for Justice to discuss how the court’s systemic failure to ensure housing justice perpetuates housing insecurity among the city’s Black communities. To learn more about the event and Baltimore Racial Justice Action, click here.

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