The website of the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC) has many resources for those interested in learning more about the right to counsel in civil cases.
Interactive status map:  The map allows you to see 50-state information in four different views: a) all recent activity, including litigation, legislation, pilot projects, and more; b) the status of civil right to counsel in each state, sorted by subject area; c) information on which efforts featured NCCRC assistance; and d) a view of which states have NCCRC participants or presence.

Right to Counsel Bibliographies:  Our comprehensive bibliography features every law review article, study, report, social media piece, or other resource related to right to counsel.  Or if you're looking just to get familiarized with the issue, we've got your covered in our introductory bibliography.

Multimedia:  Want to watch/listen to some of the oral arguments in civil right to counsel cases, witness some of the panels or debates on civil right to counsel, or check out the NCCRC”s video series on the right to counsel on foreclosure?   That's all here.

NCCRC Publications:  We've got links to lots of articles written by NCCRC staff or participants, as well as some great flyers and fact sheets.

NOTE: the NCCRC does not represent individuals, nor can we provide legal advice (including suggesting particular articles, briefs, or other materials to consider) or referrals to attorneys or organizations. If you are looking for legal assistance, please contact the legal aid organization in your state or your state's attorney referral program.