Racial equity in education

The Education Stability Project seeks to advance racial equity in education, including by addressing practices such as inappropriate suspensions, expulsion, and forced transfers that needlessly push students out of school. These practices can prevent or discourage young people from staying on track to complete their education and harm youth of color at a higher rate than their white peers.

The Public Justice Center takes on these challenges through individual representation in suspension and expulsion cases, know-your-rights and advocacy education for youth and parents, as well as systemic advocacy. To learn more about this initiative, click here.

As the lead member of the Maryland Suspension Representation Project, we provide advice and represent students facing suspension and expulsion. You can call the intake line at 443-873-3531 to speak with an attorney or visit MSRP's website for information for students and parents. MSRP is a partnership of the Public Justice Center, Disability Rights Maryland, Office of the Public Defender, and Youth, Education and Justice Clinic at University of Maryland School of Law. Click here for a flyer to share.

Resources for parents

Sent home, suspended, or expelled? Know your child’s rights!

¿Lo enviaron a casa, lo suspendieron o lo expulsaron? ¡Conozca los derechos de su hijo!