Coalition for a Safe and Just Maryland

The Public Justice Center is a member of the Coalition for a Safe and Just Maryland (CSJM), which seeks to end the use of money bail to lock people up for poverty. The CSJM is committed to an alternative statewide system of pretrial justice that embodies the following principles:

  1. Reduces unnecessary arrests and detentions that disrupt and destabilize families and communities,
  2. Replaces discriminatory commercial bond with decision-making tools that are transparent, evidence-based, community-led, standardized, and free from racial, ethnic, and gender biases,
  3. Limits pretrial detention to the small number of people who either pose a threat to public safety or are a serious flight risk,
  4. Expands Maryland’s reliance on community-based supports that aid people in making their court appearances and remaining law-abiding while their case is pending, and
  5. Ensures community oversight of pretrial release decisions through ongoing data collection, evaluation, and transparency that is led by individuals and organizations that are the most representative of and accountable to those most directly impacted by discriminatory pretrial practices. 

If you or a loved one has had recent experience obtaining a bail bond from a bail bondsman, we want to hear from you!

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