Home Care Worker Initiative

Maryland’s home care workers—personal care aides and home health aides—take care of some of the state’s most vulnerable people. Without home care workers, many elderly and disabled Marylanders wouldn’t be able to stay in their homes and out of institutions. 

But many agencies that employ home care workers fail to pay them all their earned wages. Many agencies don’t pay their employees overtime, don’t pay for the time it takes to travel directly from one client’s home to another, and misclassify their employees as independent contractors. These practices violate the law and take hard-earned money out of the pockets of home care workers.

The PJC’s Home Care Worker Initiative works to change that. We represent home care workers who haven’t gotten paid all they’ve earned.  We work to ensure that home care jobs are good jobs that allow workers to support their families as they perform the important work of taking care of others.  

If you’re a home care worker and you think you might not have gotten paid all you earned, call us at 410-625-9409.

To learn more, read our Home Care Worker Blog here.


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